Casatierra Vineyard

The Vineyard

Located on a south-facing slope, Casatierra overlooks the historic Eschen vineyard (now Rinaldi) in the bowl-shaped valley below. The decomposed granite and volcanic soil at Casatierra features several small granite rock outcroppings among the vines. Located in Fiddletown, California, the topography of Casatierra is strikingly similar to the Cote Rotie ("Roasted Slope").

The Yorks began planting the vineyard in the late '90s, and using the advice of vineyard consultant Stan Grant, they continued their planting into the next decade. They now have seven Syrah clones planted - 99, 174, 300, 383, 877, Hermitage and 477.

The vineyard is meticulously maintained by owner/grower Pam York, and had its first vintage in 2002. We are committed to sustainable agriculture, with minimal tilling of the soil and sparing use of herbicides and fungicides. We use no pesticides, relying on biological control to keep the vineyard balanced. A riparian zone separates two parts of the vineyard, and the harmony between the vineyard and the native microenvironment keeps the grapevines healthy.

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