Casatierra Vineyard

Our Story

Casatierra began with a house on a hill.

In 1983, Pam and George York purchased property in Fiddletown, California and built a rammed earth house

that is literally constructed from earth collected from the field and compacted into walls. 

The farm's location eighty miles northeast of the Carquinez Strait exposes it to cooling marine breezes and occasional fog in the middle of the summer. As a result, evening and nighttime temperatures are a few degrees lower than those in appellations to the south. The vines ripen a bit more slowly, allowing them to develop more complex flavors.     

Since the first planting, Pam has nurtured the vineyard like her own children. At first, hand-weeding and tying up the delicate canes each season; then, enlisting a growing staff.

"The vines are like my babies," she says.

This attention to detail and stewardship of the land yields an ever-popular crop of fine Syrah. Notable winemakers continue to look to Casatierra for their single vineyard offerings and cuvees.

Pam and George York
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